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PLA/ABS Masterbatch for the 3D Printing Materials Making

3D Print is a new booming technology in nowdays, therefore the demand of its main mateirals-pringting filament is geting increasing soon. How would the materials become colorful with nice luster? The secret see below

PLA masterbatch for 3D printer filament

They are colored by the special masterbatch with good pigment disperasion and nice tenacity. By the help of some fuinctional masterbatch filament can be made with special effect.

PLA 珠光色母 500x500


Finally let’s have a look at the 3D pringting work

3D printing art


If you have interest in them, welcome to contact us, Show us the pics or colour you need, we may arrang the samples soon.

ASK FOR masterbatch SAMPLES

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