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How to Classify Color Masterbatch?

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Color Masterbatch also named as pigment additives, is a kind of new polymer pigment concentrations, it is made of pigment,carrier and additives, regarded as a polymer attacthing extrem content of pigment to the carrier.

So How to classify Color Masterbatch? How to know well the plastic masterbatch for choice?

color masterbatch


Generally we classify the color masterbatch  according below :

By the carrier: there would be PE Masterbatch,PP masterbatch,ABS masterbatch,PVC masterbatch, EVA Masterbatch etc.

By the Applications: such as Injection masterbatch,blowing film masterbatch, extrusion masterbatch,filament masterbatch etc.

masterbatch applications

By the Color: generally classified as Black masterbatch, white masterbatch, colorful masterbatch.

However, Each could furtherly classfy into different grade, take the injection masterbatch as an example, see below:
High grade injection masterbatch:these are used for the cosmetic packing containers, toys part, and some household appliances etc.

General grade injection masterbatch, these can be used for daily use plastic products, and industry use containers.

Low grade masterbatch for injection: use for those products with low requirement such as rubbish drum,and outdoor dustbin etc.

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