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Biodegradable Masterbatch for Film

Alert to the new requirements of the market our R&D team have developed two main Biopolymer Masterbatches for 3D Printing Materials and Biodegradable films.  These are easily transformed with conventional methods and machinery and perfectly suitable for the productions of goods that have to meet the parameters of the European Requirement.
This Biodegradable Masterbatch is totally degradable type for films making.


biodegradable masterbatch for film

Technical Data Sheet

BIO2530 Yellow Granule PLA etc.
130 4% Blowing Film,Totally degradable

biodegradable film yellow

Blowing Film Sample

How To Use?

  • Generally this item used as 1 kg for 25kg plastic materials.
  • Pre-dry the materials at 80℃
  • Blowing film,pre-clean machine when start to inject.
  • Dosage can be adjustable according to final requirment.


Package and Stock

  • package by bag, unit is 25kg/bag
  • Keep Stock cool dry


How To order sample?

  • If your first time to try, Kindly choose the color and tell us your base masterials. Then we value if possible for making.
  • If you have sample of final products, pls kindly send part of them as sample for fast confirm. Then we could make right masterbatch accordingly.
  • Sample is available for first trier order, tell us how many kg main materials you wanna try?
  • After all confirmed, samples would be sent within 3 working days by express.


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